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Mama Monster’s Little Monster #1 ~ I Was Born This Way

Mama Monster’s Little Monster.

#1 ~ I Was Born This Way

"SONNY !" I heard Frank shout, he was one of the careworkers I looked at the letter and looked around my room I slipped it under my bed before rushing downstairs…

I bumped into something hard, I looked up to see a angry looking Frank I cleared my throat before starting to speak.

"Uh yes Sir ?" I asked, he glared at me.

"Have you seen a letter with your name on it anywhere ?" He asked, I shook my head.

"Are you sure ?" He asked, I nodded.

"I’m sure Sir, I promise I haven’t seen any letter…" I told Frank, he sighed.

"OK, you can go back to your room" He said whilst glaring at me, I smiled before going up to my room.

I sat down on my bed whilst thinking…

How The Hell Was I Meant To Get Out Of Here… ?

I thought for a moment then decided I was going to run at night, I packed my gym bag and chucked it in my closet before going downstairs with everyone else I looked around and saw everyone rushing to the kitchen I followed and sat down in my usual place.

Cassandra came around and placed a plate of mac and cheese in front of us, once she had done all we prayed then started to eat I picked up my fork and slowly ate. By the time everyone had finished their meal I was still left with half of my plate I looked around and saw that everyone was moving and going back to their places I chucked my food in the bin then placed it back on the table after that I walked back upstairs to my room and listened to Bad Kids By Lady Gaga I then realized that she was my mom and I was going to go and find her tonight well in a few hpurs I wanted to actually be in a real home for once.

I’d just taken a shower and now I had my pajamas over my clothes ( 

I hopped into my bed as I heard the scurrying from outside, I heard doors slam and close as lights were turned out when the hall light was off I waited for a few minutes before jumping out of bed and pulling of my pajamas.
After I was in my day clothes I grabbed my gym bag and chucked it over my shoulder I quietly pulled open my window before stepping over the side, once I was over the side I looked down before letting go and falling to the ground luckily I saved myself from falling backwards onto the ground.

I looked up to my window and watched as the curtains blew from the cold air, I stared up at the sky it was dark but the moon and the stars stared down at me giving me much more confidence I really hope I get to my destination safely if only she knew, I sighed before rushing across the pebbled lawn once I was near the main street I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my music I clicked on Applause before walking to the nearest bus shelter.

Once I got there I was soon accompanied by a young guy, he smiled before sitting down on the seats he suddenly slouched I slowly pulled my eyes away from him and looked at the bus times I found the nearest place and sat down I had half an hour till it got here I turned around to rummage through my bag and caught the guy staring at me.

"Problem ?" I asked a little too harshly, he opened his mouth then closed it before shaking his head.

I sighed.

"Sorry, I’m harsh to people I don’t really know…" I told him, he chuckled.

"It’s fine, what’s your name ?" He asked, I looked at him then frowned.

"Sonny, yours ?" I asked, he sat up straighter this time he wasn’t slouching.

"Luke, do you come from the kids home ?" He asked, I sighed before grabbing my purse and pulling out some money for the bus.

"Yeah, I’m running away now…" I told him whilst putting my money in my pocked and my purse back in my bag I zipped it up and looked over at Luke.

"I did too…" He told me, I raised an eyebrow.

"Really ? why did you run ?" I asked, he sighed.

"I wanted to find my brother, he moved at the age of sixteen they forced him and obviously he couldn’t take me…" He said, I could feel the way he felt I mean my best friend left at the age of sixteen and I wanted to go with her so badly.

"I-i Understand, my best friend left at the age of sixteen…I’m guessing you didn’t find him" I said, he looked at me and smiled.

"If i’d found him I wouldn’t be getting on the bus…" He told me, I smiled.

"Half an hour ?" I asked, he nodded.

"I’ll sit next to you" He said, I smiled and nodded.

"OK…" I told him.

"Do you like Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ?" He asked, I smiled widely.

"Love her…infact that’s why I’m running away" I told him, he chuckled.

"What to stalk Lady Gaga, I’ll come I’m a Little Monster too !" He said, I sighed.

"No I am not stalking her…" I told him he stared at me blankly.

"Why are you running away then ?" He asked, I sighed.

The bus pulled into the sidewalk.

I looked over at Luke as we both stood up.

"Wanna find out ?" I asked, he nodded.

"Then come with me…" I told him, he smiled.

"Awesome, OK thanks !" He said, I chuckled before hopping onto the bus as Luke followed behind he nudged me out the way.

"2 passengers please" He said as he gave the driver the money, he stared at us and frowned before giving us a ticket each.

We laughed before walking to the back seats we were the only ones on the bus except from the driver and an old women who looked very tired and sick.

"You didn’t have to pay !" I told him, he smiled and winked.

"Anything for a Little Monster" I chuckled, then sighed.

"You probably won’t believe the reason I’m running away" I told him, he looked at me.

"I’ll believe it, promise if I don’t then you’ll prove it to me…" He told me, I smiled.

"I’m running away because I’m trying to find my mom…" I told him, he stared at me confused.

"I thought you were trying to find Gaga…" He told me, I smiled.

"I am" I told him, his mouth widened I closed it and smiled.

"Prove it !" He demanded, I laughed before pulling out my files and letter I chucked them on his lap.

I watched as he flicked through the pages of information, he suddenly looked up at me.

"You definitely proved it" He told me as he placed the pages into the folder and put the letter in there too 

"Your not going to look at the letter ?" I asked, he chuckled.

"I have enough information, I’m surprised I haven’t fanboyed…" He told me, I cracked up.

The bus stopped, I looked up and saw the lady wasn’t there anymore.

"I guess this is our stop" Luke said, I was confused.

"That was quick" He chuckled as we walked to the front of the bus.

"Yeah, these buses are weird" He said out loud.

"OI !" The driver shouted, I laughed before jumping off the bus I looked back and watched as he jumped off but failed and fell on his back I was in hysterics.

I walked over to him and helped him up, he laughed.

"OK OK, where to now ?" He asked, whilst looking down the streets the bus was nearly out of sight.

"Oh My God !" I shouted.

"What !?" Luke asked, I smiled.

"I know where to go !" I said excitedly.

"How ?" He asked confused.

"I came here on a field trip and they showed us where all the rich houses were and I remember are tour guide said that there were some celebrities who lived down there, when he said that he stared at my t-shirt !" I told him, Luke stared at me like I was a freak.

"OK, let’s have a look but you can’t just go up there and knock on the door…" He said as we started to walk, I smiled.

"I know, that’s why were going to be Little Monsters which we are already" I told him, he smiled.

"Good plan but how the hell are you gonna tell her that your her daughter ?" He asked, I smiled.

"Were gonna work that one out ourselves" I told him, he smiled and jumped around excitedly I stared at him and he stopped.

I shook my head and grabbed his wrist before pulling him towards the street we were heading too, as we got closer I heard people talking we looked over to the where the voices were coming from and saw a women talking to two guys with … cameras I looked at Luke.

"Who is that ?" I asked, he shrugged.

"Ummm…" We watched as the lady pointed down the street the two men thanked her and rushed off with their cameras.

"Ughh Lady bloomin Gaga !" She said frustrated as she walked into her apartment, I looked at Luke he gave me and wink as we rushed down the street and followed the paparazzi.

When they stopped we walked over to them.

"Um does Lady Gaga live here ?" I asked politely, one of them smiled.

"Yes ! you look a little like her…" He said, I giggled.

"Thanks, so where is she ?" I asked.

"Were waiting for her she’s been to a party today…" He said, I smiled.

We hid behind to bins as a car with blacked out windows pulled up in the driveway.

"Gaga ! Gaga ! How are you ? How’s yours and Taylor’s relationship doing ?" They asked, she pushed them out of the way as she opened the door to her apartment.

"I guess were staying here tonight ?" Luke asked,

"Yeah get your blankets out…" I said we both laughed before moving down a small backstreet and setting out our stuff.

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Mama Monster’s Little Monster Prologue

Mama Monster’s Little Monster.


I walked towards the glass doors, school was terrible I hated it so much !

I walked towards my locker and grabbed my books before rushing to class the way I could get out of the mess or the bullying in other words was to go to class and listen to Lady Gaga, yep I’m a Little Monster have been since I was 8 years old !

I sat down at my desk whilst placing my books on my desk and grabbed my iPhone from my bag I flicked through my playlist before clicking on one of my favorite song by Gaga which was ‘Born This Way’, I put my headphones in my ears and listened to the music that rang through my ears.

I suddenly heard a loud noise I switched off my music and chucked it in my bag before grabbing my pencil case and books that I needed to use in class before waiting for the terrible day to start.

I sighed of relief as the end of the day bell echoed throughout the school, I grabbed my bag before rushing towards the double doors once I got there I pushed open the doors and ran all the way to the place I called home…

I walked through the halls of the home and stopped at the office door which as fully opened, I look around before walking in and closing the door but left a fraction of it open I put my bag down before going over to the letters draw I rummaged through and saw one with my name on it I smiled before grabbing it I closed the draw and grabbed my bag whilst running upstairs to my room.

I opened my bedroom door and closed it behind me before ripping open the letter.

I pulled the letter out it read:

Dear Sonny,

Hopefully you will get this letter anyway I don’t think you know who I am and I’d like you to know who your mother is before you’d be able to meet you I am Lady Gaga my real name Stefani  Germanotta. I had to put you up for adoption when you were one but I never wanted you to leave me or my life every single day I think about you I put you up for adoption because off The Fame and also my life I wanted you to be happy and have a normal life but I’ve heard that not everything was great for you if I knew what adoption center you are in I’d come and get you…

Maybe one day you could live with me in LA and I’d bring you up but with the fame…

Lot’s Of Love
Mama Gaga.

I giggled at the end then realized I lived in LA it would be hard to find her but you never know I could give it a go…right she’s my mom…

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Mama Monster’s Little Monster ~ Intro

A story about a young American girl named Sonny she’s 12 years old…
Sonny lives in a Kid’s Home and hasn’t had the most amazing childhood she was passed around to different families but none of them were the best families.

When Sonny sneaks into the Head Careworker’s Office she finds a letter that was sent to her but was never opened or given to her so when she reads it she’s shocked to find that her mom is one of the most famous popstars, she is the one and only Lady Gaga.

What’s Sonny’s plan ?

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